Klub Językowy

It was set up in September 2016 as a club gathering students curious about various cultures interested in learning languages, , willing to take part in a school exchange with our partner German school. There were a few meetings prepared by students and language teachers. A group of members took part in the school exchange and numerous activities connected with it. In October 2017 there was the first meeting of the club this school year. Almost every Wednesday at 4 p.m. (except the Wednesdays when parents' or teachers' meetings are held) several students meet and participate in language activities "with a difference" - English outside the textbook. The activities are run by the English teachers, Ms Lachowicz and Ms Dziedzic. Meetings connected with school exchange and a bit of German will be organised by Ms Gorczyńska. Everybody is invited to take part on regular or irregular basis. Please join us, learn about the world, have fun and improve your language skills.

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